Got Gratitude?

Gratitude? Some people have said that gratitude = great + attitude, or grat-titude! Have you thought about your attitude lately? Do you bring others sunshine or rain, joy or cynicism, healing or pain? If you think about it, God has always had a great attitude toward us. When He made us He said, VERY good. When He declared His feelings toward the world He said: For God soooo...loved the world! The Bible has much to say about having a great attitude. One of the best Scriptures I cherish are the words of the apostle Paul where he refers to the attitude of Jesus in Philippians 2:5-8. Jesus' loving attitude led Him to forsake all of heaven's glory to save us from our sins. Having a great attitude comes from many sources--but Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit are the best examples for us all. So how about it? Have you thought about your gratitude (great attitude) lately? Start each day with gratitude so that your day will be brighter and your presence a blessing to others! Gerard      

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  1. Restless Wanderer says:

    Is it possible that we too often forget to be grateful for ourselves. Is it so easy to fall into cynicism and rain because we are too focused externally, and in an effort to bring others joy and happiness, inadvertantly bring ourselves darkness. Could indeed that darkness be averted by selfishness, rather than self-less-ness (the giving up of one’s self/identity)?


  2. Dear RW

    Are you equating self-less-ness with gratitude? Are you equating self-less-ness with the giving up of self identity? You are right that being too externally focused can degenerate into cynicism and unhappiness. For everyone has needs.

    Selfishness is an extreme preoccupation with one’s own needs and desires to the disregard of others’ desires and needs. We should love ourselves for God has created a marvelous work in each of us. There is much to love. However, being self centered and selfish takes the love and appreciation we have for ourselves to an extreme.

    Jesus knew who He was. Satan did everything he could to undermine Jesus’ self consciousness. Satan suggested to Jesus that Jesus should be other than Who He knew Himself to be.

    You are very right that we too often forget to celebrate ourselves. For, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Part of gratitude would certainly encompass celebrating the mystery of human value and existence. For that I am very grateful.

    Thank you for giving it some thought.


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